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Marco Lopez Announces RISE Together Plan: 

Policy Commitments to Workers and Middle Class Families

Phoenix, AZ—Today, Marco Lopez, Democratic candidate for governor, announced his RISE Together Plan, outlining initial measures he will undertake once in office to build an economy where all Arizonans can rise together.
As part of this plan, Marco Lopez announced his support for legislation that will Raise wages, Implement protections, Strengthen communities and Ensure benefits.

Raise wages 

  • Raise the statewide minimum wage to $15/hour by 2024 and index it to inflation
  • Guarantee equal pay for equal work regardless of race, gender, religious belief, ethnicity or sexual orientation and crack down on employers that discriminate against employees based on such immutable characteristics
  • Crack down on worker misclassification practices used to deny workers proper pay and benefits

Implement Protections

  • Repeal so-called “Right-to-Work” legislation that makes it easier for employers to take advantage of their employees and deny them the pay, benefits and safe working conditions that they deserve
  • Grow the middle class by providing all workers the right to come together and bargain collectively for fairer contracts
  • Make sure that Arizonans’ hard-earned tax dollars are spent responsibly by ensuring that all publicly funded projects in Arizona pay prevailing wages, which reflect workers training and experience, just like federal projects are required to under Davis-Bacon
  • Require Project Labor Agreements on all publicly funded projects to ensure that projects stay on time and on budget, and are built by qualified Arizona tradespersons, and not by outsiders who don’t contribute to Arizona’s economy
  • Strengthen workplace protections and community safety standards along commercial railways, by mandating two person crew minimums on freight locomotives, so that Arizonans aren’t forced to live, drive or work in unsafe environments

Strengthen communities 

  • Invest $450 million in early childhood education and high quality child care so that parents are able to work and raise a family without breaking the bank
  • Support and invest in programs that help high school students graduate dual-credentialed with an associates degree from a community college or a certification in a skilled trade.
  • Encourage more Arizonans to join registered union apprenticeship programs that allow them to work while attending classes, graduate without debt, enter into high-paying careers and bolster our economy
  • Facilitate and expand affordable community workforce housing so that working families are able to afford to buy or rent homes in the communities in which they work

Ensure benefits

  • Implement universal paid family and medical leave so that workers don’t have to choose between their health and their financial security
  • Strengthen our unemployment insurance system so that more hardworking Arizonans are provided the support they need to get back on their feet should they lose their family’s income
  • Safeguard retirement security for civil servants by guaranteeing the continued use of defined benefit programs over defined contribution programs

“As a child of immigrants who frequently had to work two or three jobs to put food on the table for my sisters and I, I understand the struggles that working families in Arizona face,” said Marco Lopez. “I spent the first 15 years of my life sleeping on the couch in our family room, watching as my parents worked day and night to ensure that my sisters and I could have a fair shot at the dream that I like to call the Promise of Arizona. Thanks to their hard work, I’ve been able to live that dream, and now I’m running for governor to make the path to achieve that dream a little bit easier, because for too many working families in Arizona right now it’s out of reach due to years of bad leadership. I’m excited to announce my support for these initial measures our state must take to ensure that workers and middle class families have a fair shot at success. Together, we can build a more equitable Arizona, where no matter your background, you can have a path to get ahead.”

“We finally have a candidate for governor who has a vision which is bold and strongly supports all working families in Arizona,” said LD-29 Representative Rich Andrade, a union member and staunch ally for working families in the legislature. “His vision, which improves working conditions, protects pensions, expands affordable housing, and builds a strong economy by putting investments into a skilled workforce, is a pathway to success for all Arizonans.”

“Growing up in a working class family, Marco understands the challenges that working people face every day, and this proposal demonstrates his deeply held commitment to them,” said Delbert Hawk, President of IBEW Local 640. “Marco is the kind of governor that the labor community needs—one who will stand in solidarity with us and always fight for what’s best for working families.”

This commitment to strengthen the economy by empowering working families and leveling the playing field so that all Arizonans have the opportunity to succeed follows Marco Lopez’s recent “Education First” proposal to invest at least an additional $2.5 billion annually into Arizona’s education system. These additional funds could pay for educational priorities like closing our massive teacher shortage, raising wages to recruit more teachers, lowering classroom sizes and hiring more counselors.

Marco Lopez’s RISE Together Plan for working families is a part of his broader vision in which all Arizonans should be afforded the opportunity to Make it in Arizona. His campaign will continue to roll out proposals in the coming month that will build a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive state.

Marco Lopez is running for governor because he believes in the Promise of Arizona – the promise that if you work hard, play by the rules, and treat people with respect then you can make it here in our state. It’s this idea that led Marco’s parents to immigrate to Arizona from Mexico nearly 50 years ago. They didn’t start out with much, but they dreamed that Marco and his sisters could do better than they did. That’s just what happened—Marco and his sisters were the first generation in their family to go to college. Once Marco graduated from the University of Arizona, he knew he had to give back. At just 21-years-old he ran for mayor of his hometown of Nogales and won, becoming one of the youngest mayors in the country. After winning two mayoral elections, Governor Napolitano asked Marco to serve at the state level as Director of the Arizona Department of Commerce where he oversaw critical trade relationships in the state. Next, President Obama asked Marco to serve at the national level, where he oversaw a $15 billion budget and 60,000 people. In 2011, Marco left the administration to start his own small business here in Arizona just like his parents had done 40 years before. Over the past ten years Marco’s company has brought high speed internet to 1 million low income families and is on track to create 15,000 jobs right here in Arizona. Marco Lopez is running for governor because he believes the Promise of Arizona is still possible, but for too many people in our state today it’s out of reach. Marco has the leadership experience in the private and public sector to make that promise of opportunity that brought his parents to Arizona a reality for everyone. For more information, please visit 


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