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DONDE ESTA KATIE? Marco Lopez Is The Only Candidate To Show Up To The Democratic Debate; Makes Sweeping Commitments To Protect Reproductive Services

Arizona – Today, Marco Lopez, Democratic candidate for governor, was the only candidate who showed up to the Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission’s Democratic gubernatorial debate hosted by Ted Simons of PBS. During the debate, Marco highlighted his firm commitments to the following: 

  • Reproductive rights: Marco declared his support for codifying reproductive rights into the state constitution and pardoning healthcare professionals criminalized for providing reproductive healthcare services, as well as the women who receive them.
  • Gun violence prevention: As governor, Marco will fight to implement the common sense gun safety reforms that the majority of Arizonans want, like stronger background checks and red flag laws and banning assault weapons.
  • Voting rights: Marco will veto any legislation that makes it harder to vote and support initiatives to codify voting rights into the state constitution.
  • Education: Marco is the only candidate with a bold plan to increase Arizona’s education funding with a $2.5 billion annual investment in wraparound services in order to prepare the next generation of leaders. 

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs declined to participate, citing “scheduling issues” even though months ago Marco offered to reschedule the debate to a time and place that would work for her. This is one of the 15+ events and forums across the state that Hobbs has been invited to but declined to participate in, even puzzling national reporters with her decision. 

“The Secretary’s failure to show up to the one and only Democratic gubernatorial debate is a direct affront to the voters and our democratic process,” said Marco Lopez, Democratic candidate for governor. “My parents came to this country because of our freedoms and taught me that the biggest part of leading is just showing up—Democrats in Arizona need a nominee who will show up and fight for them, not run and hide.”

The debate airs at 5 p.m, and 10 p.m. on Arizona PBS, and will be posted for streaming July 1 on and On Wednesday night, Arizona PBS hosted the Republican gubernatorial debate, in which the candidates spewed election lies and made clear their intentions to ban and criminalize almost all abortion, once again proving that the stakes are too high for Democrats to send the wrong candidate to the general.

Marco Lopez is running for governor because he believes in the Promise of Arizona – the promise that if you work hard, play by the rules, and treat people with respect then you can make it here in our state. It’s this idea that led Marco’s parents to immigrate to Arizona from Mexico nearly 50 years ago. They didn’t start out with much, but they dreamed that Marco and his sisters could do better than they did. That’s just what happened—Marco and his sisters were the first generation in their family to go to college. Once Marco graduated from the University of Arizona, he knew he had to give back. At just 21-years-old he ran for mayor of his hometown of Nogales and won, becoming one of the youngest mayors in the country. After winning two mayoral elections, Governor Napolitano asked Marco to serve at the state level as Director of the Arizona Department of Commerce where he oversaw critical trade relationships in the state. Next, President Obama asked Marco to serve at the national level, where he oversaw a $13 billion budget and 60,000 people. In 2011, Marco left the administration to start his own small business here in Arizona just like his parents had done 40 years before. Over the past ten years Connect2Compete has brought high speed internet to one million low income families nationally, and in Mesa, AZ, SkyBridge Arizona is on track to create 15,000 quality Arizona jobs. Marco is running for governor because he believes the Promise of Arizona is still possible, but for too many people in our state today it’s out of reach. Marco has the leadership experience in the private and public sector to make that promise of opportunity that brought his parents to Arizona a reality for everyone. For more information, please visit 


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